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 Seaside Startup Summit is a non-formal startup event organized in a form of a tent camp. The first Summit was held in 2016 at the shore of Lake Sevan, Armenia. SSS 2017 gathered more than 2000 participants and guests from 23 countries of the world.


After the success of the event we are going to the international level and in 2018 the summit will be held in different locations. The aim of the Summit is to create a new platform for the cooperation of the startups and investors across all over the globe.


 The uniqueness of the Summit is its concept. During the 7 days of the Summit all of you will live in tents and share common lifestyle. Days start with the breakfast, which is accompanied with the morning warm-up sessions. Our experience shows that due to the non-formal environment people are more open, which leads to more productive correlation.


Fun fact: One of the participants of Sevan Startup Summit 2016 get in touch with an investor while receiving the water. After a small talk they had several other meetings and finally got investment.


 One of the aims of the Summit is to establish a new business platform, where everyone can easily get in touch with the others. During the 7 days we invite many famous and successful entrepreneurs from all over the globe, who are ready to share their knowledge.

 They are having a 2-3 hours long speech near the campfire. They are sharing their professional knowledge and experienceduring the CampFire Talks, which is accompanied with Q&A session. Each day 3-4 talkers visit the Summit territory.


  Workshops are part of the educational program. Trainers and professionals invited from different countries hold training sessions and help the startups to better understand where they are, what they need and what they want. Workshops are designed to cover the most demanded topics for the seed and early stage startups.

  The participation of the startup teams is mandatory.


 Summit is not only a platform for gaining valuable contacts and expanding your knowledge, but also winning grants and getting investments, which is possible during the main battles, brand battles and pitching.


 Main Battles are organized for all the startups regardless their field of operations. The differentiation is done based on the stage of development of the startup. There are 3 winners in each battle and many other special prizes.


 During the CampFire Pitches the selected startups participate, which are looking for the possibilities to scale their business and enter new market. You will get a chance to pitch for the investors sitting around the Campfire and get in moment investments.

 Venture companies and investors visit the Summit and look for startups, which are lucky to succeed. So, if you aren’t taking part in CampFire Pitch, you can still get an investment.


 Brand battles are special types of battles organized for startups operating in a specific field (Tourism, Education, Agriculture, Food and Healthy lifestyle, Healthcare, etc.). There is only one winner in each battle.


 The main reason to organize the Summit near the water is the wide range of water and beach activities. Beach parties, football, volleyball, surfing, paragliding and many other activities. Everything is designed in a way to make you enjoy your learning. The final day of the Summit is concluded by Grand Beach Party.

What is the Sevan Startup Summit?
What is the Sevan Startup Summit? Sevan Startup Summit is a non-formal startup event, organized every summer starting from 2016. It is aimed to be a unique platform for all the stakeholders of Armenian startup eco-system, where they can cooperate.
How can I apply to the summit?
You can apply only through the official website of the summit.
Are there any sectoral limitations for the startups?
Startups from all the fields are free to apply.
How many people from each team can participate?
Each team can be presented from 1 to 5 members for the whole event.
Is there any age limitations?
While for the startups there is no age limit, however, due to the format of the event, participants below 18 ears old need to get a permisiion from their parents or legal guardians.
What is the official language of the summit?
While there is no defined official language, still all the members should have base knowledge of English and at least one member of each team needs to be a fluent English speaker, as some of the Speakers, Investors, and guests are foreigners.
Is it obligatory to stay all the 7 days?
Yes, it is. However, in special cases, this condition can be changed based on prior agreement.
Is the participation free?
Yes. All the costs related to transportation (Yerevan-Sevan-Yerevan), accommodation and meal are covered by the organizers. Any extra costs related to the activities out of agenda are not covered.
How the accommodation will be organized?
Participants are going to be distributed in groups (20-25 people) and will stay in tents (up to 4 people). Each group is responsible for cooking it
Is there a way I can find teammates through your help?
One of the main goals of Sevan Startup Summit is to create a chance for startups to get in touch with other people, find new experts and fulfill their team.
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